Wow. That's all I can say. Donald Rumsfeld's handwritten notes drawing a line straight for Iraq. I'm not going to jump onto any conspiracy theory bandwagons, but this clearly shows a rush to judgment. Wow.


A Wayans tries to cash in on...something. He wants to trademark "Nigga".
A woman has twins. One black. One white. One in a million.


One of the best (i.e. most reasonable) articles about the port fiasco. Not as fun as ignorance-fueled hysteria, but common sense still has a place...


Frank Fukuyama's mea culpa (sort of) is getting a ton of press in the blogsphere and beyond. Not only a public lamblasting of the misguided wanderings of the neo-cons in this administration, a tight and meaningful prescription for American foreign policy post-Iraq.

He's most dead on when he talks about the cognitive dissonance between neo-cons abhorance for social experiments domestically but their almost gleeful willingness to radicalize foreign policy.