Finally! Bush makes an appointment all Americans can get behind.
It is possible to fail in many ways...while to succeed is possible only in one way. -Aristotle

The USC Trojans, down by three, facing a 4th down and 9, deep in their own territory, knew for the first time all season the vicious sting of uncertainty. The 27 game winning streak was in peril, as was their season long quest to become the first team to win three consecutive national titles. Perhaps worst of all, it was going to happen on the hallowed, but hostile, ground that Notre Dame calls home. Everybody’s All-American Matt Leinart made a pass that kept the Trojan’s dwindling hopes alive, and then he made the decision that instantly became legend. The Trojans won in a game that some are calling the greatest college football game ever. A magic game on a day filled with the sublime spectacle that college football is at its very best. As Josh Levin, writing for Slate offered:

In what might have been college football's best day ever, Michigan and Boston College won on last-gasp touchdown passes, Alabama took out Ole Miss on a final-play field goal, and West Virginia and UCLA came from way back to win overtime slugfests.

College football is a game that is fueled by friendly controversy. Who deserves to be #1? Perhaps as importantly, who deserves to be #2? How soon until we get a playoff system? What is the greatest rivalry in all the land? Which conference is the strongest? Did USC cheat to win and does it even matter? Who will win the Heisman?

Part way through this season we can mostly only speculate, but this past Saturday gives us a chance to reflect and look ahead. As the leaves turn and the crisp air of autumn renews our school ties, for a few hours this past weekend a group of young men reminded us what the only appropriate answer is when faced with immovable obstructions; Fight On!