I'm off for the weekend. Will be in Tahoe for a wedding. I'll get to your emails and back to posting on Tuesday.
Misplaced priorities alert. Fresh on the heels of the DHS announcement yesterday the Bushies now announce they are escalating the war on some drugs.


Mission-creep of the worst sort. A cynical, dangerous, and absurd extension of the Office of Homeland Security.

Even though this reads like the worst sort of over-the-top satire this is an actual quote from the press release: "There is nothing more important than protecting our children - the future of our nation."

Horrific, stupid, insulting, and dangerous. As Nobel economist Milton Friedman has pointed out, when government begins to do what it should not, it ceases to do what it should.
Pictures from Iran. From Andrew Sullivan, these photos show the aftermath of the "disciplined"dissedent students. The conditions are dire, but not hopeless.


What would it look like if you combined a Tivo with a Playstation? Sony's next major release.


e-commerce that works.
While my story about celebrating America on the 4th of July rages on over at Plastic Peter Jennings announces his thoughts on the matter.
The WSJ eviscerates Treason calling Ann Coulter "the Maureen Dowd of the conservatives". Yikes! Even Horowitz takes a chunk of flesh.

[Coulter's use of the term] 'functionally treasonable' is ... disturbingly reminiscent of the old Stalinist term 'objectively fascist.' This was how people who swore their loyalty to the cause were condemned (often to death) if they deviated from the party line. Stalinists defined all dissent as 'objectively' treacherous. This is not a path that conservatives should follow. When intent and individuality are separated from actions in a political context, we are entering a totalitarian realm where Ann Coulter does not really want to be


Andrew W.K. man of letters.


I'm a huge Kobe fan. I hope these sexual assault charges aren't true.