In response to some minor "victories" in the War Against Drug Hysteria The Office of National Drug Control Policy says "no drug matches the threat posed by marijuana".
We've seen this for a while, but I am constantly amazed and emboldened by the simple fact that some of our greatest current patriots have come from behind stacks of books.


John Ashcroft feels that the Patriot Act isn't intrusive enough. Super.
Bet you didn't know Microsoft owns "video on demand".
Let us not forget that judges do have an important role in our judicial system. Perhaps, as mandatory/minimum advocates would like, they are meant to be more than mere refs.
As one with a variety of "food issues" this, to me, looks like a good read.
The Times is Raines free. Now maybe Andrew Sullivan will stop bitching.
Martha Stewert has an open letter to America and a new website defending herself re: the insider trading allegations. The rhetorical questions raised by her attorney sum up my thoughts on the matter pefectly.

Why then has the government, after nearly a year and a half, chosen to file these charges? Is it for publicity purposes because Martha Stewart is a celebrity? Is it because she is a woman who has successfully competed in a man's business world by virtue of her talent, hard work and demanding standards? Is it because the government would like to be able to define securities fraud as whatever it wants it to be? Or is it because the Department of Justice is attempting to divert the public's attention from its failure to charge the politically connected managers of Enron and WorldCom who may have fleeced the public out of billions of dollars?


Now it's all makes sense. Willie Brown is running things.
This isn't "justice" (that would only happen if the charges were thrown out) but it's pretty damn close. Drug hysteria still infuses our current political/social climate but there are patches of common sense.
More ex-post facto examination of the U.S. seismic fo-po shift. It's a good read.
Uncomfortable about Tivo selling your viewing habits? Build one yourself.


Slate jumps in to discuss Moneyball. I liked our discussion. (And was struck by how many Bond's haters there are out there)
Finally! A Theory of Everything.
Salam worked for this guy!
Amber asks about St. Anger.
The Gaurdian deconstructs the Enron affair.


For us Tivo fans the news that they will begin selling customer data is totally unsurprising and at the same time amazingly dissappointing.