It had the makings of an instant classic. Undefeated and ranked #1 all season, USC played #2 and undefeated all season, Oklahoma. Two storied programs, full of Heismans, National titles, and rabid fans, it was a marquee match up. The game turned out to be less close than anticipated. Led by current Heisman trophy winner Matt Leinart, and his 5 TD's, USC destroyed last year's Heisman winner Jason White's squad.

An almost perfect game for the Trojan faithful has once again ended the season in controversy as undefeated Auburn helplessly watched. Even the horrific East Coast media bias, that screwed the Trojans two seasons ago and Cal this year (or not), couldn't find a spin that would grant Auburn a share of the national title. Still, the BCS finds itself being second-guessed yet again.

Now that the ADT trophy has been lifted, it gives us a chance to reflect on an amazing college season. Will the PAC-10 finally get the respect is deserve from the sports writers stuck in their offices in Manhattan? How long until the BCS is demolished? (And by the way, what are the best ways as fans and alumni to hasten the demise of the BCS?) Who has the biggest gripe from Bowl Season? Cal, Auburn, or Utah? And just how good is USC? Is it time to bust out the D-word?