The first BCS poll has been released sending college football fans into a frenzy. The (yet again) reworked poll takes the two human polls more into account this year, but that hasn’t removed all controversy.

At the top of the list is perhaps the most storied, and certainly the most glamorous, college football program of all time, The Defending National Champions USC Trojans. From there things get really interesting. Breaking with the human polls the BCS places Miami over Okalahoma in the #2 spot. Other notable top contenders include teams such as the surprising Cal Bears, the Auburn Tigers rebounding nicely from last season, and an undefeated Utah team.

So let’s hear the picks folks. USC having gotten past the tough section of its schedule only has to deal with UCLA before getting into this year’s BCS championship game at the Orange Bowl, but who will meet them there? Will the UTES become the first non-BCS team to make it to a BCS bowl? Who are this season’s winners and who are its losers? And how much longer will America be subjected to the BCS before succumbing to the inevitable playoff system?