Andrew Sullivan breaks rank with most of the Right (and much of the Left) and proclaims Hillary is the one to beat in 2008.

Senator Clinton has finally escaped one of the critical drags on her national reputation. What many people disliked about her was what they perceived as her unreconstructed liberal politics and her use of her marriage to gain and wield political power.

(Charges of nepotism doesn't seem to be a problem for most people who run for office.)

Sulli says her speechs on abortion and the war position her as a moderate Democrat which undermines the most substantial criticisms directed towards her.


Korea seems to be doing a good job of making a place for themselves in the coming years. Is this something we want?


How refreshing it is to live in the Age of Revolution. Though his critique of Bush the Elder and Clinton smack a little too much of a very public turf-war, Ledoon's larger points ring true.