Perhaps Marx was right, socialism is back!
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The WaPo on why simpletons sell.


California's love affair with the auto has had some unintended consequences. Few are as troubling as fatal hit-and-run accidents. The San Francisco Chronicle had completed a study that shows the incidence of fatal hit-and-runs is increasing, extending California’s lead over the rest of the country. There is much speculation over the causes:

Law enforcement officers and traffic safety experts point to several possible reasons. An abundance of unlicensed drivers, the proliferation of wide, busy thoroughfares and intersections, California's car culture, fear of strict penalties for drunken driving and the large number of drivers driving without auto insurance all share the blame.

"I don't think it's just one thing," said Sgt. Russell Chew of the Oakland Police Department traffic section. "It's hard to put a finger on it -- hard to figure out what goes into someone's decision to flee."

Hard to understand, and harder still to prevent. What causes someone to flee from the scene of an accident? What can be done to slow this rise? Since one of the reasons given for the increase are the stiffer penalties recently implemented for crimes and infractions, will more stringent laws actually help or hinder?

"It's probably the same thing we see with (police) pursuits," said Steve Kohler, a California Highway Patrol spokesman, "a person who may feel like they have nothing to lose."